I decided to start this blog as an extension of my ever-growing interest in food and nutrition. After reading food blogs for about two years, I decided it was my time to type. These blogs showed me that being healthy is not a result of following fad diet after diet, but a change in lifestyle. I became consumed by my love for food, and yearning to know more about where it comes from, and how our health changes as a result. 

IMG_1345 about2 avocado

I recently moved from New York City to San Francisco, well, just because. I like good wine, fancy restaurants, happy hour, running in the park, my slightly cuckoo family, taking photos, new tech gadgets, my roof, traveling, spending too much time in Barnes & Noble, spending too much money at Whole Foods, and hosting dinner parties.  I attempt to balance a healthy lifestyle, while still having my fair share of cheese fries and late nights.


Hopefully I’ll be able to show that the grass really is greener when you eat green.